Segnalazione acustico-luminosa per celle frigorifere

Monitoring and having total control over the operation of cold stores in the agro-food, pharmaceutical and large-scale distribution industries is, today more than ever, essential to ensure compliance with the current safety regulations and with regard to the perfect storage of food and pharmaceuticals.

Sirena offers for this particular activity high level visual and acoustic signalling products, thanks to the experience gained in over forty years of presence on the market of signalling.




The LED electronic siren SIR-E LED is the acoustic/visual safety device, specially developed for use in cold rooms, which allows you to report any dangers and/ or malfunctions of the “system” cell. SIR-E LED offers 64 different sounds, selectable by dipswitch, and a powerful flashing: it is possible to completely separate the sound from the light and combine the light effects and sounds on different channels.

The SIR-E LED is also equipped with an adjustable volume, via an integrated button, up to 105 dB(A).

SIR-E LED has been designed to ensure high temperature resistance (-40/+ 55°C) and a high degree of protection (IP65), making it the reference product for this use.


In accordance with the UNI EN 378-1 standards, a visual-acoustic warning is provided on the outside of the cell for the “man in the cell” signal. The alarm signal shall be perceptible at all times and clearly legible. In addition, any leakage of coolant should be monitored with an optical and audible warning signal so that it does not cause dangerous concentrations within the refrigeration room.

According to the reference standards for the definition of colours to be assigned to indicator lights, the red colour device shall be used to indicate a dangerous condition requiring immediate action, while the audible warning device may be used with blue light to indicate any malfunction of the cell system that requires mandatory restoration actions such as in the case of doors not properly closed, to prevent the deterioration of the products within them.

SIR-E LED offers maximum reliability and flexibility for high security levels.



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