SEGNALATORI P50 Certificazione UL - Sirena segnalatori acustico-luminosi
SEGNALATORI P50 Certificazione UL - Sirena segnalatori acustico-luminosi

In Veneto, the Rudan river has been known for centuries for its danger, the toponym itself means “damage torrent”. Since the fourteenth century there have been reports of periodic damage to buildings and also of several victims. In recent times, in 1999, the large boulders carried by a debris flow almost completely obstructed the “Alemagna” highway bridge, endangering its viability and flooding the waters that damaged several houses.

In particular, if a stream of debris were to form in the creek this could pose a serious threat to people and things on its arrival in Peaio, because by unleashing at high altitude on Mount Antelao, could reach along the descent the speed close to 30 km/h.

Sirena’s SEO 2SEV high-power evacuation siren

To prevent this risk, the Veneto Region has adopted the territorial monitoring system designed and implemented by @ Siap + Micros, capable of alerting the mayor and the population. Sirena’s SEO 2SEV high-power evacuation siren was integrated into this project.

The Monitoring System

The system consists of a detection station located at high altitude (2,140 m) t the mouth of the Vallon dell’Antelao, where a pair of rain gauges, constantly monitor the amount of rainfall. If the amount of rain exceeds a threshold, such as to represent a possible trigger of debris movement at the very top of the gully, data logger, the technological heart of each station, sends a pre-alarm directly to the mayor of Vodo and to available representatives, via sms and / or via voice call. Along the descent, in the gully, a second station monitors any movement of debris through duly calibrated tear-off ropes. A third station, located on the bridle, controls other tear-off ropes.

In the unfortunate event a dangerous debris flow takes origin along the valley or near the bridle, the custom made station electronics sends an alarm signal to the mayor also, to protect passers-by and tourists, automatically activates a high-power siren installed on the bell tower of the village and turn on the traffic lights to close the transit on the cycle bridge over the Rudan creeck. Finally, the project involves the installation, by ANAS, the Italian National Road Authority, of the traffic lights that will block traffic on the SS 51 “Alemagna” highway.

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