Segnalazione acustico-luminosa per celle frigorifere


The acronym RGB stands for the three basic colors used in various electronic devices to create many of the other colors. These are: R-red, G-green and B-blue. Thanks to the combination of these three colors, any other can be created. The hue of the individual colors is therefore given by the added or removed quantity of these basic colors. The RGB color technology is used in various devices, such as computer monitors, televisions and, of course, beacons.

Sirena offers different types of products with this RGB technology.

The control panel P50 indicators are developed with multichannel technology.

They provide seven different steady light colors: white, red, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, blue.

The 6 super-bright RGB LEDs and the clear opaline dome diffuse the light evenly, allowing the luminous performance of each color to be enhanced.

They are made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate and are suitable for outdoor use thanks to the IP66 degree of protection guaranteed by the EPDM o-ring on the dome and the polyurethane gasket on the base.


XLF RGB is a multicolour LED beacon with high optical performance. Available also with a directional arrow, XLF ARROW RGB, in single module configuration for MLINE bases, or for TLINE bases, or in preassembled configuration for TLINE industrial traffic lights.

XLF produces several light effects (steady light, single flash 1F, triple 3F, strobe effect 5F, random effect), with adjustable luminous intensity on 3 levels, through button.

OVOLUX RGB is a multicolour device equipped with electronic circuit with RGB LED. It allows different colours (white, amber, red, yellow, green, magenta, blue) in one single beacon, making this device the perfect choice for various applications.

E-LITE RGB is developed with 12 RGB LED allowing seven colors (white, amber, red, cyan, green, magenta, blue) in one single device. The compact design of the E-LITE signaling devices ensures a small footprint, making them suitable for automation and large plants with numerous process steps. The electrical connection, simple and quick, can be made via the 1m cable for CABLE versions or through the quick connector for QC M12 versions.


The pre-assembled EOS signaling stack-light with RGB module, thanks to its smooth design, prevents the accumulation of dust on the surface. It is ideal for environments with high brightness thanks to the clear opaline dome, allowing a clear distinction between the ON and OFF status. It is available with or without sound module.



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