Reversing alarms were introduced 50 years ago to alert anyone in the vicinity of a vehicle moving backwards.

The rear blind spot is an insidious problem for drivers of vehicles or machines as well as for workers: it is not by chance that a large number of accidents occur during revers operations.

Considering that most reversing accidents are carried out in loading bays, parking areas and warehouses, it is increasingly important, if not indispensable, to adopt effective warning devices in order to minimize the risks to people’s safety as well as possible inconveniences to work associated with these operations.

Although reversing alarm were initially an important safety device for ground operators, over time they have become – in terms of safety – less effective and even more irritating due to their environmental impact, especially in environments with high noise.

SEGNALATORI P50 Certificazione UL - Sirena segnalatori acustico-luminosi

Intermittent white noise reversing alarm

Today, the solution to make these workplaces and ground operators safe is represented by the white noise reversing alarm BKA WN.

BKA WN is an acoustic signaling device that emits a distinctive multi-frequency sound, called “white noise” (Shhh-Shhh), similar to a rustling sound. Thanks to the wide spectrum of frequencies generated, this noise is easily perceived by human hearing (regardless of individual hearing sensitivity).

Its characteristic multi-frequency sound can also be heard through hearing protection devices used by ground workers.

The white noise emitted by the BKA WN reversing alarm is directional and is therefore immediately localized.

Unlike other back-up alarms, the sound emitted by the BKA WN is limited to the danger zone only, making it suitable for night-time services or for vehicles working on construction sites in residential and urban areas.

Thanks to the self-regulation function, the BKA WN reversing device continuously adapts the white sound emitted according to environmental noise (always 5db above the environmental noise level as required by ISO 9533 – Earth-moving machinery – Machine-mounted audible travel alarms and forward horns), reproducing an audible volume, therefore safe, without being irritating or creating noise pollution.


SEGNALATORI P50 Certificazione UL - Sirena segnalatori acustico-luminosi

BKA WN effective but never excessive!



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