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The “traffic” inside a warehouse and in its adjacent areas is in many ways comparable to the urban one: men and vehicles move simultaneously in different directions, often very quickly and sometimes they are so concentrated on what they are doing that they don’t pay attention to each other.

Collisions can therefore occur between moving vehicles (such as pallet trucks and wheelbarrows) or it could be the risk that the worker will be hit by vehicles.

The frequency of forklift accidents is unfortunately increasing in warehouses and other logistics facilities. In fact, more than 100,000 accidents occur every year.

Many of these occur at intersections and warehouse crossings. Their results can be disabling or even fatal and can be caused by factors such as lack of visibility, inadequate maneuvers and signs, failure to comply with safety rules, the absence of an organized road network or suitable training courses. .

It’s therefore essential to prevent these accidents by monitoring intersections with limited vision, blind spots and exit areas of the forklift lanes where it is necessary to observe in 3-4 directions at the same time.

​SOLAN SYSTEM has chosen Sirena’s Mline SIR-E LED electronic siren.

Our customer Solan System in Israel has developed a system to monitor dangerous “intersections” in warehouses or logistics areas.

The system is made up of sensors, traffic lights and a LED sounder, the MLINE SIR-E LED, which with a powerful triple flash strobe effect and high acoustic performance guarantees to capture the attention and warn the operators of an incoming danger.

The system “scans” the area at 360 ° and when an approaching forklift truck is detected, a green light indicates to the driver safe passage. Red lights will appear in the remaining directions. After the forklift exits from the intersection, the green lights will reappear on all sides.

The system should be installed on the ceiling of the logistics center / warehouse at a height of 6 or 7 meters (23 feet). This will prevent the sensors from disrupting operation and will be clearly visible to anyone in the area.

The system detects a forklift based on 3 parameters: speed, weight and volume. As soon as these 3 parameters are met, the system goes into action. This means that the traffic light will not be activated when a person approaches the intersection, but a powerful luminous acoustic signal coming from the

MLINE SIR-E LED will warn of imminent danger.

Why Sirena?

Avis Salomon, CEO of Solan System, tell us why he decided to integrate Sirena’s MLINE SIR-E LED into this system: “We choose Sirena because it has excellent products! The Quality is certainly one of the Plus.  More specifically we choose Mline SIR-E LED because its sounds can be changed and we select the sound according to the definition of danger within the operational area.
And last but not least  – the people who make them – are the amazing people we love working with !”



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