The ELECTRA range of audible and visual devices are intended mainly for the industrial world assuring safe and efficient production processes in working areas (audible and visual signaling in industrial installations and public areas, signaling on machines, electric panels etc).

100% made in Italy, major investments in research and development and continual innovation, are only some of the factors that are proof of our belief in what we do: today as yesterday, today as tomorrow….

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The audible and light indicators of P50 range have been engineered for automation and installation on high-end electrical panels | Ø22 holes. P50 has been developed with quick connectors (QC M12 4 PIN versions) or with M12 cable gland. Based on a multichannel technology, these allow different levels of alarm via independent electrical contacts.
Illuminated dome (Ø50) provides easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of machinery status. Audible indicators benefit from seven types of alarm. Light and audible | light indicators provide different sound/light effects (from steady light to random effect, consisting in an uneven flashing pattern).
RGA and RGB multicolor versions are also available, allowing different colors in one device. Outstanding acoustic and optical performance for automation and panel mount applications.

FWL 3.0

LED linear warning light. FWL 3.0 is provided with a lens, especially engineered to intensify the flashing light effect.
The device offers excellent optical performance and is the ideal choice when the signaling function is important but where compact size is required.
The device allows two light effects: flashing light and low intensity steady light. Synchronization of more devices possible.
Available with allCOLOR and allCLEAR lens.


LD 12 LINEAR STEADY/FLASHING is a compact size LED linear warning light, providing steady/ flashing light. Polyamide base and self-extinguishing high impact resistance polycarbonate dome.



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