EN54 Evacuation systems

The SERIAL COMMUNICATION PCS SYSTEM offers great flexibility in case of implementation or modification and provides the possibility to activate alarms is both localized and general mode. Each individual company requirement will be examined and developed by our PCS Programming Service, together with the customer.
More specifically, for PCS “Serial Communication” systems, Sirena has pursued a philosophy to simplify implementation as well as constant and total control of each system component. All PCS System components are connected together and to the central unit, through a two-wire shielded cable, simplifying system wiring, thus allowing considerable cost reduction.
Distinctive feature of this philosophy is to have a constant monitoring of each installed element (sirens, lights, emergency switches), as well as the efficiency of the line in itself. Any anomalies referring to these devices and their functions, among which are primary battery efficiency, the functionality of the magneto-dynamic acoustic units and the supply network is immediately detected and reported in the Central with an audible alert and a report on the visible display in real time and stored in the central (the Central has the ability to record and keep in memory up to 1.000 events).
The control system allows a further economic advantage in the maintenance thanks to the immediate identification of the critical point.

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