Signal towers

EOS WIFI is the remote monitoring solution for EOS signal towers. These Smart Factory devices enable real-time monitoring of machines, equipment and workstations with no complex installations or extensive wiring required, thus achieving increased efficiency of production processes in a variety of scenarios: industrial and automotive production lines, manual workstations, storage/logistics warehouses and packaging lines, machine tool manufacturing and the electronics industry, to name a few.

The EOS WIFI monitoring system combines EOS signaling devices (which act as an interface), wireless technology, the Sirena CONNECT App, and connection via the Cloud (optional) in order to collect meaningful data to establish energy-saving, preventive maintenance, and process optimization strategies.

Benefits of the EOS WIFI solution:

Safety: EOS WIFI monitors the status of processes and the entire production department with real-time updates

Production process optimization: EOS WIFI reduces inefficiencies

Non-invasive machinery upgrade: you can integrate the system to existing equipment, obtaining smart machinery.


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