Since many years, AUTOMAX represents a point of reference for signaling devices engineered for industrial automation applications. With ELYPS, TWS and LUXOR, Sirena offers a complete range of products able to satisfy the most critical conditions.
Furthermore, a continuous R+D development, allows to deliver new modules and products, completing the range and upgrading the line to the latest quality and performance standards. With AUTOMAX, Sirena guarantees a range of products engineered around your needs.
Since 1974 we engineer, develop and manufacture the best industrial signaling devices on the market. With a 40 years experience and R+D + manufacturing facilities located in Italy, our knowhow and heritage is the added value that we offer in every single product we create.

Sirena has a very simple mission: to create innovative and high-quality visual and acoustic signaling devices.

At Sirena, we’re used to indicating the path to follow, we’re aware of our duties as well as our responsibilities. Our job matches our vocation: defining the standards of the signaling industry.

When we decided to engineer a new range of stacklights, we did not settle down with a simple redesign of the market standards but instead we’ve taken the challenge to revolutionize the concept at its very roots.

We thought about a stacklight with an innovative shape, aesthetically revolutionary, capable of satisfying the most common dimensional standards. We thought about patented optics capable of performing at 360 degrees. We thought about state-of-the-art electronics capable of satisfying your needs. We thought about three different configuration philosophies capable of increasing the added value of the stacklight. We thought about five unique mounting bases capable of solving the most challenging installation issues. But, more than everything else, we thought about You.

We’ve done all this because our job is to make sure your job becomes as easy and efficient as possible. Because we understand how important it is to put You in the condition to create added value. Because we know how much You trust us and because we’re flattered you’ve be doing so for the past 40 years.

The ELYPS modular stacklight range is made of four groups of modules: mounting bases, wiring modules, light modules and acoustic modules.

MB Mounting Bases are engineered for a versatile stacklight installation, allowing the devices to be installed always in the ideal position.

WM Wiring Modules allow to choose voltages as well as the configuration philosophy, giving the possibility to create low or high tension devices, with steady or flashing light and with the possibility to control the flashing pattern (i.e. via PLC) directly from the base of the stacklight.

LM Light Modules have been engineered to satisfy all possible needs. Different levels of light intensity as well as different lenses technology (allCOLOR, allCLEAR, PROXIMITY) and different flashing patterns, offer a unique and complete range.

AM Acoustic Modules are based on two technologies: piezoelectric and magnetodynamic.
Both versions allow the use of two separate channels giving the possibility of utilizing the stacklight with two different sounds, according to the type of message one needs to deliver.

The IP66 protection grade makes ELYPS ideal also for outdoor applications.
ELYPS is available in two color options: allGRAY (industrial RAL 7035) and allBLACK (industrial/commercial RAL 9005).


Sirena, leader in the visual and acoustic signaling industry, is aware of the continuous manufacturing renovation process characterizing the industrial world.
For this reason, AUTOMAX has been developed, including the range of stacklights especially engineered for installation on machines and in industrial sites: TWS range.
TWS is available in three different sizes suitable for all types of industrial applications:
TWS: 70 mm diameter
Traditional, integrated LED, Xenon and sounder modules completed with a wide range of accessories
minTWS: 50 mm diameter
babyTWS: 36 mm diameter

The main characteristics that distinguish the TWS stacklights range are:
TWS stacklight provides an unprecedented electrical safety concept. The special connection board is inserted in the slot of the connecting module creating an electrical contact in total safety. All modules can be assembled/disassembled without removing the power supply.
Quick and easy tool-less assembly. The locking ring allows modules to be tightly secured to each other and prevents accidental unscrewing thanks to the special connecting system.
The wide range of accessories allows multiple installation possibilities. The accessories are fitted with a 1/2“ NPT thread and can be mounted on the TWS range maintaining all mechanical characteristics.

The miniTWS range has the same safety and assembly characteristics as the 70 mm version. It is a compact version (ø 50 mm) suitable for installation on smaller machines or to provide signaling in the vicinity of the operator. The light modules are fitted with integrated LEDs.
Available in gray (industrial) and black (industrial), the miniTWS range is particularly suitable for use in civil environments where the signaling function is important but where the overall appearance of the stacklight shall remain minimal.
Can be complemented with a sounder module and can be used with the complete range of TWS accessories.

The babyTWS range has been developed to fulfil all applications where a compact-size stacklight is required, and where aesthetic is a must. Available in gray (industrial), the babyTWS range is particularly suitable for use in civil environments where the signaling function is important but where the overall appearance of the stacklight shall remain minimal.
Can be complemented with a sounder module and can be used with the complete range of TWS accessories.


The LUXOR stacklights have been developed to meet modern requirements in industrial signaling.
It is the only stacklight on the market with a diameter of 136 mm (LUXOR 4) and, thanks to the
numerous configurations offered, solves all types of installation solutions in larger-size industrial sites
and machinery.



Sirena signaling devices are suitable for visual and acoustic signaling on machinery in conformity with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC (29/12/2009).
The 2006/42/EC Machine Directive refers to regulations that cover risk analysis in the design and construction process of machinery.

The directive requires manufacturers to make a detailed analysis regarding the safety of machinery and systems. Data relating to safety of machinery components must also be included at the project stage

It must be specified that not all devices installed are directly involved in terms of safety of machinery and its applications. It is also necessary to distinguish between relevant and not relevant applications for the purpose of safety. For this reason, the visual and acoustic signaling devices used in numerous informative applications are to be considered not relevant for the purpose of safety. A signal can, for example, simply inform a person if a process is in progress or has been completed; often used to detect downtime and increase productivity.

Sirena’s signaling devices comply with the Machinery Directive. They respect all the regulations relating to colors and safety signals and can be used by machine builders.


The ELYPS, TWS and LUXOR ranges are certified according to CE (EN60598-1, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-2) standards..

The TWS range also achieved GOST certification and can be used in the CIS region according to local standards.

TWS HD (to be used in conjunction with the TWS range) has been certified according to IP69K protection grade standards by TÜV SÜD.



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