Segnalazione acustico-luminosa per celle frigorifere

QCM12 connection technology is a standard widely used in the field of industrial automation and in many fields of application in the electrotechnical sector.

Sirena offers luminous and acoustic signalling devices also with quick connector M12 4 poles that can be integrated even faster in your projects.


The advantages of QC M12 connection technology are different:

–  Reduced and simplified installation times, saving considerable time and money

–  Increased safety of the machine and plant: not having to open the devices for installation, connection and wiring errors will be avoided

–  Convenient and quick wiring even during maintenance


Choose the product with QC M12 connector, most suitable for your signaling needs:

SIR-TOUCH: the powerful 120db electronic siren with high degree of protection (IP68-IP69K) also available with red front light (SIR-TOUCH LED).

–  P50 series: multifunctional acoustic and luminous indicators, developed with multi-channel technology, for automation and panel signalling.

E-LITE series: luminous devices with compact design and small footprint, also available in flashing and multicolored version, suitable for automation and installation in large industrial plants with numerous process phases.


In addition, we develop customized solutions, tailored to any need. We are at your side throughout the process, from idea to design to production and quality control. Our know-how in signalling field is at your disposal!



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