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In the 60’s

When it all began

The historical ELECTRA brand was born with the first specialized production of acoustic alarms and electromechanical sirens.

In the 70’s


Alberto GARNERONE founded SIRENA, a joint stock company that incorporated the former ELECTRA, and in a few years the new company became the benchmark in the acoustic and luminous signaling industry. The plant in Rosta was built.


ROTALLARM was born. It was perceived as a revolutionary product by the market: the first patented rotating beacon. Still today it’s appreciated all over the world.


In some European regions Rotallarm still designates the common name of the rotating industrial beacon.

In the 80’

Sirena established itself as a brand specialized in the signaling market and was recognized as an excellence in France, Germany, Spain and in many European countries. The internationalization process of the company began in those years through important partnerships still active today.


From SIRENA creativity BOULE was born. It was a benchmark product in the automotive signaling and its design is still unique.


BOULE won the Best Design award at Hannover Messe international fair.


Specialized technical laboratories – anechoic room.

In the 90’s

Sirena strengthend its presence, expanding its market across Europe and creating new partnerships in non-EU countries. In these years important international projects were carried out.


GDO was born. It’s car light with a unique and particular aerodynamic shape, consisting of a magnetic base with very high grip, it allows a seal of over 200 km/h.

GDO Curiosity

It’s the Sirena’s most famous device. It appeared in the main television series and in several detective films in Italy and France.


Sirena specialized in industrial signaling: TWS was the first modular stacklight.


Sirena expands its plant to increase the production capacity.


In this period more than 3mln of products has been sold.
2014: ELYPS was launched. It had an innovative design and it was the first elliptical stacklight.


As today Elyps is in several specifications of multinational machinery manufacturing companies.

Sirena today

Sirena today sells its products in over 70 countries around the world and it has a network of over 100 distribution partners.
Since its foundation, over 50 million devices have been produced in the Sirena plant, a number that makes the company a reference in the industry and a brand synonymous with reliability and quality.
The company, with a five-year plan, pursues important strategic objectives which are aimed at a constant growth towards international markets. To support Sirena’s targets, 2020 sees the birth of important new products that confirm the company’s attention to research and innovation.


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