Sirena, world leader in the design and manufacture of audible and visual signaling equipment presents its explosion proof, Ex-d class range.

The range, mainly intended for the chemical and petroleum sectors, has been engineered to meet the most demanding market requirements and to guarante e maximum safety and quality, according to extremely high design, production and certification standards.

Since the 1980’s, Sirena has been present in the explosion proof market and is renowned as one of the manufacturers offering greater versatility in its range with technical characteristics second to none.

The new ATEx range, completely redesigned from both an electronic and mechanical point of view, allows Sirena’s “know-how” and thirty-year experience in the field to be at the hands of all end-users of explosion proof products.

Today, Sirena offers a complete range of audible and visual signaling devices.

The acoustic range includes the new SIAD bells, available in three different sizes and all voltages, designed to offer a very high sound output level together with unparalleled quality standards.

The siren range also sees the introduction of the miniCELERE and superCELERE electromechanical sirens: high performance products designed in great detail to meet the most demanding customer requirements. The acoustic range is complemented by the existing electronic sirens with the same high efficiency and performance.

The luminous range, has been completely reviewed both in presentation and content, employing the latest SMD LED technology recently introduced and developed by Sirena. A technology that increases both the optical performance and lifetime of the product, as well as virtually eliminating maintenance costs.

In this respect, Sirena has developed OVOLUX Multi SMD and FLR S: these products contain years of technological research in a housing developed to guarantee maximum safety in explosive atmospheres.

In addition to the new technology remain the more traditional beacons such as the MAXIXENOFLASH and STROBOFLASH 6J and 15J Xenon beacons and the powerful ROTALLARM and LAMPALLARM with both filament or halogen H1 bulbs.

The PAG range completes Sirena’s range of explosion proof products with a choice of pilot lights and switches.



SIRENA’S explosion proof range of products has been approved by CESI, Notified Body of the Italian Government, according to (ATEx) Directive 94/9/EC for the certification of explosion proof devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Sirena’s entire ATEx range has been certified for use in Group II, that foresees installation in all high risk areas, excluding mines.

Sirena’s ATEx range of products has been appointed category 2, that allows use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22, in both the presence of gas (G) as well as dust (D).

Certification is according to EN/IEC 60079 directive that allows the use of the Ex identifying mark. Protection of the device is provided by an explosion proof housing with increased safety guaranteeing “de” status.

The proven explosion group, particularly important for use in explosive atmospheres due to gas, is IIC, the most dangerous, that includes Hydrogen and Ethyl Acetate.

The whole range is certified for use in class T6 temperature, that guarantees a maximum surface temperature of the housing of just 85 degrees celsius, that is the most difficult to obtain.

The range has also been granted a protection degree of IP 66 that means it is totally protected from dust and powerful jets of water.