Which criteria must be adhered to when installing an audible signalling product?

It is necessary to verify the sound intensity measured in DECIBEL (dB); the sound frequency […]

Which applications are Electric Motor Sirens most suitable for?

Electric Motor Sirens are suitable for short duty cycle and not for continuous operation. They […]

What advantages do electronic sirens have with respect to mechanical sirens?

Detailed below you will find the various advantages: – low power consumption – greater sound […]

What difference does it make to a light signal if a smooth or Fresnel lens dome is used?

The light emitted through a smooth dome is exactly the same as that emitted by […]

Which type of light emits the greatest light intensity?

Without doubt the Xenon flashing type. The xenon discharge has an extremely high peak intensity […]

Which is the most economic type of light?

Undoubtedly the LED even if, at the time of purchase, a LED bulb is more […]