ISO 9001 Quality


SIRENA has an efficient home and overseas distribution network for both the industrial and automotive markets.Customer satisfaction is our main objective assuring high quality products, rapid and prompt deliveries and an efficient pre/post sales service.
The following divisions within SIRENA work together to assure high quality products and excellent customer service at 360°:

• Quality Control System
• Technical Research & Development Centre,
• Test Laboratory
• •Computer Data Elaboration Centre.

Customer Service Quality
Our Sales staff are ready to give any technical or commercial assistance regarding our products and their applications.
Information received regarding faulty products is followed directly by the Quality Assurance Department together with the Sales staff who take care of the replacement or repair of goods that are covered by our guarantee period of 24 months from the date of production.

Total Quality
SIRENA’s Quality Management System conforms with the UNI EN ISO 9001. Norm and is closely monitored by the Quality Assurance Office.
SIRENA’s aim is to optimize its quality level at every stage of the production system; that is from the planning stage to after sales customer service.
The quality assurance office, together with the quality laboratory supervise production by carrying out random checks and analyzing problems pointed out by the end user.

Quality in Design
SIRENA’s products are developed from both an aesthetical and operational point of view in the Research & Development Centre. This centre is made up as follows:

-Mechanical Technical Office
-Electronic Technical Office
-Quality Control System

These departments work together as a team to study new projects or to modify existing products.
The Quality Control system is fundamental within the technical centre giving up-to-date information regarding approval standards while the test laboratory guarantees that the product under project meets initial expectations.

Quality in Handling Information
SIRENA has a Computer Data Elaboration Centre, based on IBM hardware and software and a data network of 120 computers that allows information to be circulated accurately and rapidly to both the offices and the factory thanks to the internal electronic post system “@sirena.it”.

Quality in Production
SIRENA’s plants are equipped with both manual and automatic assembly lines.All production departments are located within the main factory buildings and all products are100% tested before leaving the factory.Quality standards are very high and they are constantly improved.Orders are received directly at the specific production department by means of the computer system . There is no stock of finished products as all items are manufactured according to orders received.Great organization is therefore required that over the years has been improved and now guarantees correct and speedy deliveries.

Product Quality
SIRENA’s products are renowned for their high quality and reliability. All the internal and external components of the products meet strict aesthetical and operational specifications.Great care is taken to every detail of the products;from the stainless steel screws to the installation and application instructions in 5 languages that are supplied with each product.

Cert. UNI EN ISO 9001:2015