AUTOMAX | Devices for industrial automation

Automax Sirena’s range of multifunctional stacklights engineered for the automation industry.

  • ELYPS (20)


    ELYPS modular stacklight allows three different configuration philosophies according to the final application.
    • Steady Light Stacklight • Flashing Light Stacklight • Stacklight with Fashing Controls in the Base

  • TWS (34)


    The main characteristics that distinguish the TWS stacklights range are: • Unique Electrical Safety • Easy Installation • A Wide Range of Accessories for Optimal Versatility

  • LUXOR LED (1)


    LUXOR stacklights have been developed to meet modern requirements in industrial signaling. It is the only stacklight on the market with a diameter of 135 mm (LUXOR 4) and 90 mm (LUXOR 3)